Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Korean Student.

With the illness and loss of our sweet Hadley I completely forgot to update you all on our Korean exchange student. He and his family decided that they'd really like him to be in a home with other teens. I can totally understand that. It seems like it would be helpful, socially, in a smooth transition to our culture. Having said that, we were honest (yet, brief) with the facts on where Hadley was in her life. As a mother I would not send my child (at any age) into a home that was about to or had just lost a child. I would not choose that for my kids regardless of wether I knew the family or not...especially if I didn't know them. I totally respect and appreciate their decision.

Maybe next year we'll be able to take on that adventure. =)

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Anonymous said...

When the time is right, the Lord is going to bring an amazing child into your life!

I'm honestly glad it worked out the way it did Angela, and it sounds like you are too.