Saturday, February 13, 2010

A grateful gripe...

Ok so the gratefulness and the gripe are kind of separate but, for some reason that little oxymoron was stuck in my head. So, there ya go. You're welcome.

First, thank you. Thank you friends, family, loyal readers and supporters (BOTH of you *snort*) for your thoughts and prayers during the past several months. December was hard. My surgery that shouldn't have been a big deal...and then was. The deep vein thrombosis that turned into multiple DVT's. My stubborn blood that refused to anti-coagulate. Bed rest. More bed rest. Oh, are you doing better, could it be?...oh, no...more bed rest. That, believe it or not was the easy part. December 12th marked the one year anniversary of our sweet girl's death. We spent Thanksgiving and the entire Christmas season without her. We welcomed the second year that she never lived in. I had really hoped that January was the turning point. Starting January 1st we would shake off the funk that December brought and get well...and happy...and I would return to school. Everything was moving in the right direction. Then...

January 3rd Hadley's Pop Pop, my mom's husband, was killed in an accident while on duty with the Grant County Sheriff's Office. He was killed immediately. Thank you for surrounding my mom, step brothers and all of our family in your prayer and love. Please continue to do so. Grief is hard, hard work.

Now, so as to make myself look like a total jerk I'm going to complain and say that I am ToTALLY ready for my doctor to clear me for exercise again. I don't even care if it's low impact. I would settle for walking on a treadmill or water aerobics. Seriously. I have gained an ungodly amount of weight in a ridiculously short amount of time. I am back near my heaviest weight ever. It's really hard to face this and not feel like I've failed myself.

I have a follow up appointment with my hematologist on 2/18/10 (Thursday) to, hopefully, get the results of all the blood work they did and to repeat my CBC and talk about treatment options for my anemia and overall crappy blood counts. They were looking for a suspected blood disease/disorder that could be causing the clots and/or the resistance to treatment. There was brief mention of "the C word" but, I ignored that entirely. *wink*

So, there are my thanks, my gripes and my plea for further prayers.

Have a happy Valentine's Day. DOn't take your loved ones for granted. Take this Hallmark created day to let your loved ones just how much you adore them...even if you don't spend a dime...ESPECIALLY if you don't spend a dime. Love your people!!!