Sunday, January 18, 2009

7 years

My sweet boy was born seven years ago today. Happy birthday Keegan! This sweet little boy has endured so much and has just kept on thriving. He is smart, witty, respectful, kind, sensitive and loving. He has life experience that no seven year old should and, even at such a young age, has used it all to his advantage. He has big dreams and I have no doubt he will accomplish big things in his life. We are so proud of him.


We love you so much. You have been through a lot in just seven years. You have been content to hang out on the outskirts of your sister's spotlight. I know someday, when you are older, you will understand. I hope you never doubt how much we love you and how amazing we think you are. We pray every day that you continue to take the really tough parts of your life's journey and use them in productive ways. Never lose your sweet, sensitive heart. Never stop loving and caring for the people around you. Dream big...make those dreams a reality. Choose happiness. We love you sweet boy.

Mommy and Daddy


Dawnette said...

Happy Birthday Keegan!

bella1021 said...

Happy Birthday Keegan!!!

The Coatney's said...

happy birthday keegan! you are indeed the sweetest seven year old i have ever met. love you! have a great day!

shauna Wagner said...

happy birthday little dude!
we sure wish we could be there to celebrate with you.
i hope your birthday is awesome!!!
take care sweet boy.
we love you!

buddyclark said...

Happy Birthday Keegan. The world celebrates another year with you.

mashaga said...

Happy Birthday, Keegan! I will see you soon and have a very cool birthday present for you!

Marie (Manaree)

Suzy Gordon said...

Happy Birthday, Keegan! Your mommy is right, you have a beautiful heart and a wonderful spirit and they will take you so far in life! I will never forget you - you are a lot braver than a lot of grown ups!

God Bless You Always!

~Mrs. Gordon :0)

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday Keegan! You rock!