Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Snowflake...

I've finally figured out what my next tattoo will be. A snowflake. When Hadley died the weather got crazy. Insane. The day of her funeral Portland started getting hit with snow. The highways shut down, flights were cancelled, it was utter chaos and we all had to smile about it. Everyone knew it was our girl. We could all hear her beautiful laughter. She brought beauty into our lives even while we were in the depths of our grief. Most of the children who knew Hadley now thank her for the snow. We all think that God asked her what she wanted to be in charge of...and I can totally hear her saying "I like snow!". =)

There are several legends surrounding snowflakes but, I thought this one was especially beautiful (and fitting).

JANUARY (second flower)

Birth Month Flowers
- symbolizes hope and the return to life after the long winter months.
- one legend tells about an angel who breathed on a snowflake in his hand to release it as the first snowdrop flower to comfort Eve after being banished from Eden. It was the angel who showed how Hope was born

- another tells of the snowdrop being the first flower to bloom when spring comes around; it was the only flower that agreed when asked by God, to give some of it's color to snow (German origin)

- they are delicate, faintly honey-scented flowers from the lily family. They have tough, grey-green leaves that extend after flowering. These have a tough sheath protecting the growing tip from damage as it chisels its way up through cold-hardened ground. 'Snow piercer' is one name given to snowdrops

So, what I'd like to ask you all for help designing/finding a snowflake for this tattoo. I'm thinking of putting it on the back of my neck or maybe behind an ear. Please help me out. I am SO incapable of designing/drawing this on my own. Thanks all. =)


shauna Wagner said...

it's perfect friend. the snow that day was sooo Hadley. i am not artistic that way but i see the part about hope as the snowflake. i'll work on it. i love you friend.

Miss Gina said...

I'm not much of an artist, but I wonder if there is anyway to put the words Hadley and/or Hope w/in the interior of the snowflake. I also like that no snowflakes are exactly the same cause we both know that Hadley was like no other.

carol couchman said...

Angela, here are two websites that let you design a custom snowflake!

I hope you find something fabulous. Love, Carol