Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day One.
Happy New Year!  My biggest resolution this year is to make the effort to form a better connection with my friends and family.  I really need to invest in the people I love and who love me.  Part of that will be keeping this blog up to date.  The boys are growing quickly and while our life feels pretty mundane most of the time...well, time keeps ticking away and before we know it this chapter of our lives will close.  I plan to participate in Project 365.  You take and post a photo a day.  From what I understand it can be of long as you take and post one.

The biggest part of this resolution, though, is to spend more face or phone time with all of you.  While I love keeping up with my people on FB, blogger, text etc. I'm not loving that it's taken the place of real life relationship.  The people I love are important to me.  Important enough that I will MAKE the time for you.  At some point people stopped calling/checking in/visiting etc.  Most people had good intentions...not wanting to bother us during really hard times of our lives.  Regardless, I feel disconnected and lonely.  I'm done wondering why, feeling neglected and/or blaming.  I'm making the time and effort to change a part of my life I don't like.  I need my people.  Period.

Why am I sharing this instead of just doing it?  Good question.  Accountability and help.  I need you to hold me accountable.  I also may need help getting back in to the habit of being connected.  At the risk of sounding pathetic, I'm pretty self conscious and don't want to 'bug' people or force a relationship that they don't desire.  So, help me out and call me, invite me to coffee, or even our family to a BBQ/gathering/etc.

Last, but never least, I feel like I need to thank all of you again for loving our family through these last several years.  If you're still around, you've seen us through a lot.  We've spent most of the past 10 years in survival mode.  It's hard to invest in anything when you're struggling to keep your head above water.  If you're still here, loving us, thank you.

Let's make this year beautiful.  Mmmm'kay?


Kristi said...

I appreciate you tremendously, Angela. You bless others far more than you know.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Fox Family Five, that was a sweet post. But, I can tell you Fox's one thing, this member of the family isn't going anywhere. Not ever. I Love you all so much. Hope you are having a wonderful New Year so far. I hope to see you all this year. :). Love you Bunches and Bunches Aunt Kim

SuperMom said...

Ang, I think you are simply amazing. You may feel disconnected, but know that people all over the world are blessed by the Fox family. Thank you for inviting all of us into it. So, wanna come to Holland? I have space available! That way we can finally meet!

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