Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our first letter grades.

Yesterday we had the boy's parent teacher conferences. I was almost confused when I looked down at Keegan's report card and saw A's. This is the first time any of our kids have been graded using the traditional 'letter' system. Hadley was in first grade last year...but because she was in a special education room and couldn't be graded as a typical 1st grader she had the standard Kindergarten report card. We've reached a parenting rite of passage. Letter grades. =) My babies are growing up.

So, Keegan got all A's except a B+ in Math. =) His teacher did let us know that she is having to work with him a little more than the other students but, she suspects it has a lot to do with his vision and hearing issues and all that is going on at home with Hadley. She reassured us that his attitude is excellent and he has a real desire to learn. He gets along with others very well and is a joy to have in class. We do need to work on his fine motor skills. He has always been a little behind in this area so that was no surprise but, she did give us some good ideas for fun activities. =)

Liam is doing well also. He is ahead of the class in some areas and even with or maybe even a little behind in a few others. So, overall he's right about in the middle of his class. He can write all the letters in his name but not quite in order yet. His fine motor skills are quite mature for his age. He and Keegan have always been opposite in this regard. Keegan's fine motor skills are behind and Liam's are ahead. Keegan recognized all the letters of the alphabet and their sounds very early but had a hard time writing them. Liam can write them all but can only name a few and doesn't know their sounds yet. Just one more example of how different kids are...and how they all need a slightly different approach to teach them all effectively.

I am so pleased with the education they are getting and the environment they spend so much of their time in. They both seem to be thriving despite the heartache at home. I am so proud of these boys. SO proud.

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Great news Ang!!!