Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Malak for...cutest baby of OK.

Please vote for our friend's baby. He is one of two finalists in a cutest baby contest. =) It'll only take a minute and will put some pretty big smiles on some pretty deserving faces. =) Thanks Ya'll.

Please remember to validate your vote by checking your email and clicking on the link. Otherwise it doesn't count. =)



Eric and Tara said...

Oh, you're so sweet!! Thanks for doing this! I feel like sucha dork for having him in the contest- but if he wins it just might wash all that away! :) Haha.
We are keeping up on Hadley's updates daily and are lifting all of you up in prayer often! You have such a precious family.

The Coatney's said...

seriously. he is really, really, really cute.

about the biting. i think she only bites gavin because he is the only person in her world making her mad and she can't tell him. she could tell him if she wasn't refusing to talk. still just mama, daddy, baby and bath. nothing else, nada, no mimiking, nothing. so different from jabber jaws gavin