Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pretty Somethings.

Hadley and I love us some funky cuteness. One of my cousin's fave designers is having a giveaway that I would love to win. =) a reply to enter yourself...and let her know that I sent you. =)


annb said...

I left my comment and linked to your site giving you credit for sending me! Thanks for the info and I continue to pray for Hadley and for your family that God give you comfort and peace during this time.
In His Love and Blessings,

Shauna Wagner said...

hey friend- i posted and mentioned and linked. your family is very talented! we are missing you all and my kids want to know when we can see you? i told them probably christmas, maybe before, but they want you to come here. i tried to explain that you can't travel right now but they KNOW that you all would LOVE it!

Keep us posted! praying constantly for you all.

love you!

cally said...

THank you for the link!

And Hadley won something...I can't find your email anywhere, so could you send me a note with your address so I can send this off to her?

Thankyou, Fox family.