Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My son, the aspiring camel.

Yes, a camel. Keegan announced this evening that his class is taking part in the school Christmas program. The boys attend a private Christian school so they are able to do a faith based program. They are doing, of course, the traditional nativity type program and Keegan announced that he is really hoping to be a camel. =) Brandon asked him why he didn't want to try out to be a wise man or some other human character and he said "No way! Then I'd have to carry the wise man's box with the gift in it and those might be heavy! I'd have to carry that thing all over the place." Brandon then pointed out that the camels carry EVERYTHING. *Ha ha*

Further along in the conversation there was some debate about how many camels would be involved. Keegan insists on three, Brandon thinks there were many more...something about wise men 'rolling deep'. Huh?!?

So, there you have it. Keegan, the cutest camel in school. *snort*


The Coatney's said...

he'll be a darling camel. Gav's preschool does the nativity, maybe I should start talking up the camel part

Valerie said...

ROFL! I'm sorry but I can't help but think of an "incident" at a certain zoo when I think of camels.

:p said...

I love it! I hope Keegan won't be a spitting camel. He will be the cutest and smartest camel that there ever was. Miss you guys!

Eric and Cheryl said...

Angela- Thanks for writing on our blog. I have thought a lot about your family in the last several months and will continue to pray for Hadley. She is a precious girl!