Monday, September 15, 2008

Faith, Hope and Love.

I have finally settled on my new tattoos. I've been wanting to get ink'd for my boys ever since I got Hadley's "Hope." tatoo but, couldn't decide what I wanted. I finally decided. =) I am going to have Keegan write "Faith" and Liam write "Love" and have them tattooed on the inside of each wrist. They will be a lot smaller than Hadley's tattoo since they will be on my wrists. I am very excited. Honestly, I'd be at the parlor today if I could be. =) Anyone wanna go with me? I'd say you could hold my hand...but, I'm too tough for that. I think I may be on an (unintentional) mission to have tats in all the most painful places. *snort*

Be on the lookout for pics. =)


Dan and Angela Keane said...

I'll go inking with ya!!! I'm always up for an ink job! :)

bella1021 said...

I would soo be there! I wanna nother one!

Wayna said...

Go for it Angela!!! The beauty of INK is forever yours!!!!

rebecca marie said...

ooooh, i want inner wrist tattoos like, whoa.