Thursday, April 17, 2008


A few pictures I took with my new camera yesterday. Today is my birthday and I got a new camera from Brandon's parents. =) Yay! Iloved my 'old' camera but it was really big and awkward and hard to handle with 3 kids running all over. =) Now I have a Sony CyberShot that I love. =) Yay for birthdays...even when they are your 30th...Oy. =)

I realized today that I never updated here after Hadley's latest MRI. *oops* We received one of those "small" miracles. Typically new tumors don't just pop up all over the brain and then sit and do nothing. But, that is what Hadley's did. =) Our docs can't really explain it. They are growing...just VERY slowly. They are being called "Stable". This is a tricky term in the world of Oncology. It is good...sometimes the best, but it can be misleading. Stable technically means that the tumors haven't grown significantly, or increased more than 25% in volume to be exact. Regardless, this news is still much better than the news that we, and our doctors, were expecting. =) We're still battling with some long term brain tumor stuff..but over all Hadley seems to have stabilized. =) Her next MRI is the last week of May. We are so thankful for this miracle...and hope that it lasts and lasts. =)

Thank you so much for the prayers and thoughts for our family.

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Sue said...

God is holding Hadley so close to his heart and keeping those tumors stable. I will be praying hard that they stay just that way. I will be praying for you as you shoulder the family again as Brandon heads out to protect our country. What a hard job for you and what a amazing thing he does for his country. Portland is coming . . .stay strong and know we are out hear praying. Thanks for visiting my blog.