Sunday, March 30, 2008


Today alone 9 children in the US will be diagnosed with a brain tumor and 3 will die as a result of theirs!!!

Hadley is in this video. This is a really scary time for our girl. I have posted journals on her website touching on my thoughts and feelings about her declining health and what this tumor is doing to her body. We are scared for her. For a few years now we've fought quality of life we're fighting FOR her life. I know that is hard to read. It is even harder to type.

Brain Tumor Facts
From www. TTPF. org

- Annually well over 3,500 children (ages 0-19) are diagnosed with a brain tumor.

- Brain tumors can be malignant or benign. Even benign brain tumors can be life-threatening depending on location.

- There are more than 120 types of brain tumors, making effective treatment very complicated.

- Brain tumors are treated by surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy used either individually or in combination.

- In the past 20 YEARS only ONE new cancer drug has been approved for pediatric use.

- The cause of pediatric brain tumors is unknown.

- 40% of children with brain tumors will die of the disease.

- Childhood cancers in the United States are orphan diseases. An estimated 12,400 children will be diagnosed with cancer in 2007.

- Among the 11 major types of childhood cancers, leukemia, brain and other central nervous system tumors account for over half the new cases.

- Approximately 70% of children with cancer participate in clinical trials compared to only 3% of adult cancer patients. Many of the advances in adult cancer treatments are due to breakthroughs in childhood cancer research.

- The National Cancer Institute spends $4.8 billion on all cancer research. Only 3% ($170 million) is directed to pediatric cancer research. That’s 3% for all kinds of pediatric cancer combined.

- Improving the outlook for children with brain tumors requires research into the causes of and better treatments for brain tumors.

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