Monday, July 14, 2008

Short, not sweet.

Hadley's team in Seattle and I have decided that it is time for a new chapter in her journey. We will be contacting Doernbechers this week to enroll in their comfort care program. Our doctors have given us a guesstimate of another 6-12 months with our sweet girl. Enrolling in this program will allow us to spend as much time as possible having fun and staying away from the hospital (it is a home care program).

Hadley is such a gift that we HAVE to focus on the joy she brings to our lives and not the heartbreak we are feeling. She honestly makes it hard to be too sad. She loves life so much. She has always done things her way and in her time...I am finally growing wise enough to embrace this concept and enjoy life with her. =)

Thank you for your continued love, support and prayer. We truly appreciate every last one of you.

Please plan on joining us for Hadley's Annual Birthday Celebration. This year we'll be hosting a "Royal Ball" (think prom for an 8 year old with a Disney princess theme). =) Saturday, September 27th 2008. More details will follow.



Sue said...

I am so glad that there is a medical journey you can take with little HOSPITAL contact and more at HOME contact. It must be hard but I congratulate you and your family on focusing on the joy and gift and not the heartbreak to come. Hadley and I almost share a birthday; mine is Sept. 23rd. I wish I lived closer to join in the fun that is sure to surround this day. I will send some princess appropriate gift. Stay strong and live strong. God is with you.

Niki said...

You have such a beautiful family Angela! I absolutely cherish the moments that I have had with your kids, hanging out at the old Wagner house. Hadley is such a special kid and I am blessed just by knowing her! You are in my prayers and I am glad that I have your website information now so I can be updated with the Fox family news :)