Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Holy Cuteness Batman!

I did it! We had the kid's pictures taken for our moms for Mother's Day and I managed not to post them all over the internet before they got their packages! =)

I am so pleased with how they turned out. =)

These are just the actual prints the edge of the backdrop is cropped out.

I had a few done of Liam alone because he was in a good mood and we didn't have any of him alone yet, this year. =)


the Sisson's said...

Holy Cow~ I think I met you at the ER at Ft. Lewis. I'm new to blogging and was "flipping" thru blogs and your music and pictures caught my attention. I got sucked into reading your story about your daughter Hadley, and the next thing I saw was the pic you posted following your "the beginning" post. I was like, OMG, I know her!!!
We were in the ER around Thanksgiving. My hubby was home on R/R and one of your boys had a fever (I think.) You were telling me about how your hubby was Coast Guard, you lived out in Graham, and we just chatted on an off about stuff wasting valuable time in the ER - do you remember any of this???
Well, either way is it o.k. for me to follow your blog? maybe add it to my favs on my blog?
Let me know...
Totally love your music! Hope your little angel is doing o.k. Sounds like you're moving - good luck with all that!
Take care, and email
or leave a comment on my blog to let me know if you are who I think you are??? If that makes any sense...


Dawnette said...

Great pictures. I love their joy coming forth. Good job keeping the secret.

Amber said...

These pics are GREAT! I love that last one of Liam. How adorable is he!? I think his eyes are just beautiful.

Your family is so beautiful, Angela.

Coatney Family said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Could they be any more adorable! The shorts! The faux hawk! I love it all. I need to see you guys and your cuteness!

Sue said...

These are the greatest pictures of the kids; boy I bet the two moms that got these were happy campers. Being a grandma is my greatest joy and every picture I get I treasure. These are special!

phaedra said...

Really, really cute!!!