Thursday, January 24, 2008

I lied...

In my last post I stated I haven't been taking many pictures. Yeah, I lied. I didn't realize how many I had in my camera. *sigh*

So here are a ton of pictures in 6 different slideshows...and because I'm lazy I copied and pasted everything from Hadley's webpage blog. I'm just that inconsiderate these days. Have I mentioned I'm ready for this patrol to be over and for my husband to be home? Oh, I have? Never mind then. *LOL* I am DONE with single parenting. =)

Ok, so here ya go:


Well, Morgan's miracle is well under way. Please continue to pray as she still has a big battle ahead of her.

I've got a TON of pictures to share. I downloaded for the first time in months last night. Gotta love those huge memory cards that just enable me to be lazy about it. =) So, I don't have a lot to say tonight. Things are status quo here. Which is a blessing. =)

The slideshows are in backwards order.

The 1st is Keegan's birthday last weekend. =) Yes, my sweet boy is 6. =)
The 2nd is the boys opening their new Nerf Tag guns and enjoying them. (thanks Uncle Brian and Auntie Manda)
The 3rd are some pics from our "Christmas" with Uncle Clay, Uncle Brian and Auntie Manda
The 4th is Daddy's ship leaving on December 12th.
The 5th is a few random shots right before Daddy left. Including "Christmas" with the Keane's and Keegan's hair cut.
The 6th is the Winter Celebration and visit with Santa at Keegan's school. Our local Fire Dept was GREAT! =)


Here are the slideshows:

Thanks for checking in on us. We hope your new year is going well. Please continue to pray for Morgan, our daddy and the crew of the Mellon, and all those kids out there fighting brain tumors.

With Love and HOPE,
Angela and Family

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